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Comic Book - The Front Lines of Good Times Chapter 2: Making a Killing


This is the second chapter in our epic, 3 part, 36 chapter Rock-A-Lyptic concept album and graphic novel series "The Front Lines of Good Times". In this chapter, we learn more about the history of the future: The Great Dying, The Rise of NOFUN and the conflict between the mega-cities and The Outland. Our history lesson is cut short, however, by a surprise visit from the sadistic marauder chieftain known as Evel. Illustrated by "This is Heavy Metal" creator Jake Fairly and written by our own singer Aaron Howell, this issue is definitely one for the serious collector. First in the series drawn by Jake Fairly and the first to feature a villain who is sure to be an action figure some day.

To learn more about The Front Lines of Good Times and even read them for free online, visit mfruckus.com/FLOGT.